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Westwood Private Bank - A Division of Vista Bank
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iTalk Telephone Banking

Welcome to iTalk, 24-hour banking that gives you the freedom to check balances, make transfers, and service your debit card. 
(844) 380-1798

Main Menu

  1. Account Balance
  2. Account History
  3. Funds Transfer or Make a Payment  (expand details below)
  4. Card Maintenance  (expand details below)
  5. Future Date Transactions  (expand details below)
  6. Access Code Maintenance
  1. Transfer Funds Immediately
  2. Cross Transfer Funds Immediately
  3. Schedule a Funds Transfer
  4. Schedule a Cross Funds Transfer
  5. Payments Menu
    1. Payments Immediate
    2. Payments Scheduled
  6. List Scheduled Funds Transfer
  1. Activate a Card
  2. Deactivate a Card (permanently closes the card)
  1. List Scheduled Funds Transfers
  2. Hear ACH Transactions
8*  Speech recognition
1*  Help Menu
3*  Main Menu
*    Go Back
5*  Skip
#    Repeat
7*  Hang Up
You can also download a printable PDF of the iTalk menu tree for your convenience.