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Westwood Private Bank - A Division of Charis Bank
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Tips and Tricks of Online Banking

Expand each item below for the details.

Getting Around Your Dashboard

Spring is here. Take a break from dusting shelves and clearing out the closets and see what we have got for you.

You can arrange your dashboard in Online Banking and the Mobile App just how you like! Who knows, you may even find something you never knew was there!

Pick a tile widget like the one below, and click the ellipsis (...) button to reveal the "Organize dashboard" button.

Click X's to get rid of tile widgets you don't need. Click "+Add Card" to bring new ones in.

Online Banking Screens

Locating eStatements

Select an account, then select the Documents button . It will launch you into the documents portal where you can enroll in eStatements.

eStatement availability and history will build from the time you enroll, going forward. If you are missing a statement, just let us know, and we will research it for you.

Receiving Mailed as well as Electronic Statements

In a situation where you need both mailed and electronic? Sure, we can do that! Contact us to request this service
Many places are using artificial intelligence, programmed to provide you feedback to your questions. 

We are opening a Support Conversation chat feature with our actual customer service representatives. Look for Messages to start a conversation today.

Managing Transactions and History

Look for the Charis Family of Banks when establishing a connection. 

If you are using our Treasury Solutions platform for businesses, stay tuned! We're working on getting the best integration possible opened up for your business.
Did you know you can link accounts at your other bank to Charis Bank and transfer between them? 

Find the Settings, and under Accounts you'll see Add Account. A screen will pop up to get you started making the connection.

Online Banking Screens

After you enter your other bank account information, "micro deposits" will be made to the other bank (usually appearing in 2-3 days).

Once you see them, log back in to Charis Banking and verify the amounts. Voila! You're linked up!
Yes! You can download transactions in the format that works for you and your personal finance manager.

Drill-down to the account, click the download button, and file type.

Online Banking Screens

Intuit formats available for QuickBooks and Quicken.

Printed and Mailed

We now offer both mailed statements along with electronically accessed statements. If you've wanted both, then let us know by calling (940) 648-2753 or submitting your request on the Contact Us page

Additional Recipients

If you have an accountant or perhaps another person assisting with your finances, we can help. 

When you set up an Additional Recipient, they will receive an electronic copy of your account statement each month. 

The statements are sent via secure email, and you control who has access. 
Would you like to have one place to check your accounts and manage your card?

In addition to turning your card on and off, deter fraudulent activity when you:

  • Determine which locations, domestic or international, can run your card information
  • Select what kind of businesses and merchants like restaurants or grocery stores are authorized
  • Set limits on transactions
  • Allow or block the type of transactions such as ATM, online, and more that can be processed
And get notified about various types of activities.

Just look for Alerts and protections when you open your card in online banking.

Screenshot showing the use of Advance Debit Card Controls on the Charis Banking app.

Mobile Deposits

We want your mobile deposit to be a success the first time just like you do! Here are some tips to get the check to us with as few hiccups as possible.

The technology needs to be able to detect the four corners of the check. Place the check on a dark, matted background - it really helps. Even turning on the flash to help with the lighting works too.

The software scanning your check looks for a good endorsement.  Be sure to legibly write "For mobile deposit only"  all on one line.

Endorsed check bearing,  "For Mobile Deposit Only"

If there is a box to check for mobile deposit, feel free to check it. However, marking this box will not affect whether or not the check is accepted.

Be aware, it doesn't matter the check's orientation when taking a picture of the back, but the front does have standards to know about. Occasionally a check may reject if the MICR line (the pre-printed numbers at the bottom of the check) is not conforming to normal standards. If the check you have is not printed from a reputable check issuing company, you may experience rejected deposits. 

If for some reason you cannot make the mobile deposit, you can still negotiate the check with us in the branch. 
When you first get the app, submit all the accounts you'd like enrolled in mobile deposit! Find the tile "Mobile Deposit" and select your accounts to enroll. We will review the enrollment requests throughout the day. 

If you meant to enroll more accounts or have new accounts to add, select the "Deposit Check" button from the Menu drop down.  From there, select "+Enroll another account". 

Online Banking Screens

Sending Money to Others

We offer one of the most advanced Bill Pay platforms available. Many common merchant-payees you regularly pay are already pre-loaded as recipients - simply search and add them. There's no charge for this service on your personal accounts. 

  1. Avoid exposing your credit card information that might otherwise be stored with the billing company
  2. Some billing companies may provide their bills directly to your online banking for viewing
  3. Set plenty of reminders to check your bills and initiate transactions
  4. Reduce the number of places online you visit to get your bill paid
The transfer of a funds person-to-person (P2P) is a ubiquitous function in today's world. If you need to pay a friend and don't have cash, go to our mobile app. The Pay A Person service is free of charge.