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Westwood Private Bank - A Division of Charis Bank
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We'd love to help!

Below are a few common questions we hope can provide some answers. 

If your question isn't listed below or if you'd prefer to call, that's no problem. Reach us at (940) 278-7505 for assistance.

Debit Cards

To report a card as lost, stolen, or compromised, call (888) 297-3416 for 24-hour service.

Please contact a personal banker for additional assistance during normal business hours.

With Advanced Debit Card Controls, you can report your card as lost or stolen within online banking, using Charis Banking app available in the App Store or on Google Play.

Westwood Private Bank partners with fraud software and analysts to identify and reduce debit card fraud. You may receive phone calls between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM asking you to confirm your last few transactions.

If you receive a call and you aren't sure if it was us, we would be glad to assist you. Call us at (940) 278-7505 during normal business hours.

Your Westwood Private Bank debit card is a versatile payment tool that may be compatible with the latest P2P apps such as PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, and other similar applications.  

With Pay a Person, you can send your P2P payments. Get started when you login to online banking.

Login to Online Banking

We recommend you
  • always exercise caution in sending P2P transfers.
  • verify your recipient's contact information on the P2P service you choose.
  • use only reputable and secure applications for payments.

Online Banking

or call us at (940) 278-7505 for assistance.

If you believe your online banking username or password have been compromised or used without your permission, contact the bank immediately at (940) 278-7505.

Did you forget your password?

Reset your password 

If you have not signed up for online banking

Begin enrollment

Have security concerns or would like to know more about safe electronic banking? Go to the Security page.
We understand that access and use of these services are important for your business operation. We would be glad to assist you. Contact (940) 278-7505.

Get more information about Treasury Solutions and how we can help your business. 
Need to login to Treasury Solutions for Wire Transfer, ACH Origination, and Positive Pay?

Need to login to SmartPay Business for remote check scanning and payments management?

More Common Questions

Have you initiated a payment you need stopped? Let us know right away! You may be able to stop payments on: 

  • Checks 
    • Call us, visit the branch, or log into online banking to begin your stop payment request.
  • Electronic payments (ACHs)
    • Call us or visit the branch to begin your stop payment
  • Bill Pay items
    • Once the Bill Pay check has been mailed, you can place a stop payment by contacting our Bill Pay service provider at (888) 762-0206.
    • Electronic bill payments cannot be stopped.
  • Recurring debit card payments
    • Call us or visit the branch if you need to stop recurring transaction by a merchant who has saved your card information. We'll walk you through preventing future transactions.
    • One time transactions, including those that are pending to debit your account, cannot be stopped.

You can make your stop payment requests in person or when you login to online banking.

Contact us if you need further assistance with stop payments.